Did you know that Customized stamps are a fantastic way to highlight peanut or other allergies for Back to School?

Having a child with a food or drug allergy can be a great cause for anxiety when you are sending them back to school for a new year. They will have a new teacher and new classroom which is like starting over.  One of the ways we have found to make the allergy known is to use a self-inking stamp to announce the need for caution.

Using a character stamp like the minion stamp featured here makes the process of informing new teachers and staff at the school more fun for your child.

Using the stamp on a luggage tag attached to your child’s backpack is a perfect start, and these stamps are even ideal for a brown bag lunch.

Don’t forget when setting up play dates, that a cute note with the stamp featured is a great way to let other moms and dads know about the allergy in case they are offering a snack.


WARNING! Peanut Allergy!

WARNING! Peanut Allergy!

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